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Mar 14, 2004. 
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World Fantasy Convention 2004
What's New

Oct 31 - World Fantasy Award Winners Announced
Oct 25 - Programming Panels minor updates, Artist List updated and Membership List Updated.
Oct 23 - Charity Auction Listing Updated
Oct 22 - Updated Programming Panels list (adding Participants and Readings)
Oct 21 - Updated Membership List and Artists List
Oct 20 - Nearly Final Programming Panel Schedule is made available as well as the  Programming  Participant List.  Reading schedule and participant details for panels is forthcoming.
Oct 16- 
Charity Auction Additions and updates.
Oct 12 - Progress Report #3 added to Publications page
Oct 10- Updated Hotel page with info on overflow hotel, Holiday Inn ASU
Oct 7 - Membership List updated current to Oct 5th for both mail-in memberships and Paypal memberships.
Oct 4 - Dealer's room list updated, Artist list added to Art Show listing.  Some more additions to the Charity Auction list
Sept 26 - Membership list updated with memberships received via paypal through Sept 25.  Mail in memberships updated through those received by Sept 5th.
Sept 27 - Charity Auction Listings updated on Events page
Sept 1 - Publisher Giveway Shipping Information Announced, Dealer's List updated.
Aug 25 - Updates to Committee List, Events, and Programming made.  Link to Yahoo discussion group added.
Aug 14 - Progress Report #2 added, Dealer's Listing updated, Banquet Info posted
Aug 9th - Updated Membership List
Aug 8th - Added World Fantasy Awards Nominees Listing
Aug 3 - Added America West Group Discount Information to Tourism page
Aug 1 - $150 membership rate extended to Aug 31st, Membership Corrections made, Other Guests added (Yvonne Navarro and Don Maitz)
June 22 - Membership List Updated.
April 26 - World Fantasy Award Ballot PDF and Word Doc added
April 10 , 2004 - Progress Report #1 added
March 14, 2004 - Jennifer Roberson
added as Toastmistress
March 14, 2004 - Hotel page updated to add group code of FANTA
Feb 4, 2004 -
World Fantasy Awards Judges Information added.
Oct 26, 2003 - Updated and expanded World Fantasy Convention 2004 Website goes online. 

For questions, comments and suggestions, email WFC 2004's Webmaster Lee Whiteside