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World Fantasy Convention 2004

Progress Reports - We will make available the World Fantasy Convention Progress Reports here as they are published.

Progress Report #1 Now Available

Progress Report #2 Now Available

Progress Report #3 - Now Available!

Flyers - Download our current two page flyer in PDF format.

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Publisher Giveaway Shipping Information
Publishers should ship books and items to be given to WFC 2004 members to the following address:

A&S Storage Solutions
World Fantasy Convention Unit #E84
2235 W. 1st Street   Suite 112
Tempe, AZ  85281

No freight collect shipments can or will be accepted.
Please make sure the above address is listed in full, otherwise we might not receive the packages.

Any questions on shipping, please contact Lee Whiteside (480) 441-0394 (daytime)

If possible, please let us know what you are shipping (including tracking numbers, if available) so that we know what to expect.

Ad rates are as follows:

Progress Reports
Progress Reports
(deadline #3 Sep 15, 2004, 5.5"x8.5" sizes)
Inside front cover: US$150, image area: 4.5"x7.5";
Inside full page: US$100, image area: 4.5"x7.5";
Inside half page: US$60, image area: 4.5"x3.75";
Inside quarter page: US$35, image area: 2.25"x3.75".

Program/Souvenir Book

(deadline September 15, 2004, 8.5"x11.0" size)
Outside back cover color: US$1000, image area: 7.0"x9.5";
Inside front cover b&w: US$750, image area: 7.0"x9.5";
Inside back cover b&w: US$750, image area: 7.0"x9.5";
Inside full page b&w: US$400, image area: 7.0"x9.5";
Inside half page b&w: US$250, image area: 7.0"x4.5"(hor), 3.38"x9.5"(ver);
Inside quarter page b&w: US$175, image area: 4.5"x3.38"(hor), 3.38"x4.5"(ver).

Web page banners and ads: US$30 per month (or 30 consecutive days),
image area: 350x50 pixels; Banner creation: US$60 per hour (1 hour minimum).

There is a US$200 charge for any insert to the registration bag unless it has intrinsic value (to be determined by the convention committee).

Please contact us for supported formats for advertising in the progress reports or program book.