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World Fantasy Convention 2004
Art Show
The World Fantasy 2004 Art Show will feature artwork by our Artist Guest of Honor, Janny Wurts, plus art from many other artists.

WFC Art Shows are juried. Former WFC Artist GoH and artists who've exhibited in a WFC in the last three years are exempt from jury submission requirements.  Otherwise, we are required to jury you into the show.  In that event we'll need to examine 3 samples of your work.  They can be on a website, sent as attachments, or mailed as hardcopy such as prints or slides.  If you need to be juried, please contact us to make arrangments for submitting your samples.   Once juried in, you will get the information on placing art in the art show and print shop.

Artists confirmed for the 2004 World Fantasy Convention Art Show include:

Janny Wurts
Don Maitz
Lisa Albringer
Sylvana Anderson-Gish
Alan F. Beck
R. Merrill Bollerud
Wendy Van Camp
Catherine Cheek
Alan M. Clark
Kevin Clark
Dan Cortopassi
Ed Cox
Liz Danforth
Jessica Douglas
Green Dragon
Brian Lee Durfee
Paul Groendes
Alan Gutierrez
Kathleen Hardy
Leslie D'Allesandro Hawes
Pamelina H
Heather Johnson
Eileen Julianna Johnson

Bob Keck
Allen Koszowski
Kathleen Lowe
Mark Maxey
Justin Miller
Monte M. Moore
Mai Q. Nguyen
John Picacio
Louise "Luna" Rivera
Mark Rogers
Ralph J. Ryan
Nahria Sarkisova
April Sheppard
Abranda Sisson
Lisa Snellings-Clark
David Spacil
Nancy Strowger
Kim M. Taylor
Larry Vela
Charles Vess
Alain Viesia
Doreen Webbert
Raelinda Woad