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World Fantasy Convention 2004
Events and Special Activities

We are planning the following Events at the 2004 World Fantasy Convention:

From Your tireless Charity Auction Director, Catherine Book:

It is my pleasure to bring to all the members a Charity Auction to benefit the Charles L. Grant Emergency Medical Fund.  100% of the proceeds will be given to this charity.
The Auction Beneficiary is the Charles L. Grant Emergency Medical Fund.  Charles L. Grant is a three time World Fantasy Award winning author who has been diagnosed with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).  As a result, and probably for the rest of his life, he will rely on bottled oxygen to live. Charles and his wife, Kathryn Ptacek, are without health insurance and the fund has been set up to help them with their ongoing medical expenses.     For more information on Charles, visit his web site.   For a good listing of his works, check out this entry at the Internet Speculative Fiction Database.

If you’re interested in donating something, please contact our Charity Auction Director Catherine Book.

All books that are presented as a First Edition are done so at the best judgment of our Charity Auction Director.  No guarantee is made by Catherine Book, Leprecon, Inc. or World Fantasy for any item.  If you have any questions, please ask via e-mail or inspect the item prior to auction.   


Here’s a list of items donated as of Sep 23rd.  Please check back for updates.
  • “Donnerjack” by Roger Zelazny and Jane Lindskold.  This is the 1997 Easton Press leather-bound limited edition issued in memory of Roger Zelazny.  This is number 421 of 850, signed by Jane Lindskold.
  • “E. Godz” by Robert Asprin and Esther Friesner.  This is a 2003 Baen Advance Reading Copy signed by Robert Asprin.
  • “Sunshine” by Robin McKinley.  This is a 2003 Berkley hardcover first edition.
  • “I, Vampire”, “Sevencide”, and “The 13 Colonies” by Robert Shuster.  This is a set of three softcover books, all signed by Robert Shuster.
  • “Dracula” by Elizabeth Miller.  This is a 2000 Parkstone Press hardcover, coffee-table sized book with beautiful full color photos and discussion of the origins of Dracula.
  • “The Buried Pyramid” by Jane Lindskold.  This is an Advance Reading copy, signed by Jane Lindskold.
  • “Simple Pleasures”, print by David Cherry, #208 of 900, signed by David Cherry.
  • Three Arthur Rackham posters.
  • “Night Visit” by Don Simpson.  Small matted pen & ink drawing, dated 1961, vampire theme.
  • “Nimue, The Enchantress” by Barry Windsor-Smith, matted, limited edition print, #52 of 100.
  • Grab bag of 30 paperbacks, some vintage and collectibles.
  • “Ambrove Keon” by Jean Lorrah.  This is a 1986 DAW paperback, first printing, signed by Jean Lorrah and Jacqueline Lichtenberg.
  • “King of the Jungle” Photoplay title of “The Lion’s Way” by C.T. Stoneham.  This is a 1932 Grosset & Dunlap hardcover, no dustjacket.
  • “Yellow Men Sleep” by Jeremy Lane.  This is a 1983 Grant hardcover first edition of a 1919 story titled “The Fragrant Web”
  • Set of 8 etched bar glasses: 2 Unicorn, 2 Maned Sea Serpent, 1 each of Dragon, Griffin, Pegasus and Phoenix, from Saks Fifth Avenue
  • Complete set of E.E. "Doc" Smith's Lensmen series translated into Japanese in 7 volumes.
Additional donated items as of Sep 26th:
  • Collectible bottle of a Figueroa Crianza 2001 red wine from the Bodegas Jesus Figueroa, a small, traditional, family-owned vinyard in Colmenar de Oreja, Madrid Province, Spain.  This wine was labeled specially for the Xatafi 2003, aka HispaCon XXI, the 21st annual Spanish national SF/F Literature Convention, held in Getafe, Madrid Province. The label includes a silhouette of the world's first helicopter, invented in Getafe, which was the logo for the convention.  The wine has an intense aroma and color with coconut overtones and a mature, fruity aftertaste.
  • Boxed edition of Ursula K. LeGuin's Always Coming Home with cassette of 10 original musical compositions to complement the book.
  • Darknesses by L.E. Modesitt, Jr. This is an Advance Reading Copy, autographed.
  • Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin.  This is a loose, signed manuscript.
  • Five pages of original manuscript, hand-edited, signed by Janny Wurts.
  • Pain and Other Petty Plots To Keep You In Stitches by Alan M. Clark.  Illustrated, co-wrote by and designed by Alan M. Clark.  This is a softcover, 1st printing, 2003; contributors include Randy Fox, Mark Edwards, Jeremy Robert Johnson, Troy Guinn, and, of course, Alan M. Clark.
  • Something Fishy by Carole Nelson Douglas.  This is a limited edition, illustrated trade paperback, autographed.
  • Last Book of Lost Swords by Fred Saberhagen.  This is a typed, hand-edited, signed manuscript. 
  • Voyage of the Fox Rider by Dennis McKiernan.  This is an Advance Reading Copy, autographed.
  • The Fortress of Glass (working title) by David Drake.  This is a partial plot outline with hand-edited notations of a work-in-progress, signed.
  • Khai of Khem by Brian Lumley.  This is an Advance Reading Copy, autographed.
  • The Year's Best Fantasy Horror: 17th Annual Collection.  Signed by Ellen Datlow.
  • One-on-One Writer's Workshop with Janny Wurts.  Ms. Wurts will critique and discuss a submission.  Submission must be hardcopy, typed, double-spaced, maximum of 35 pages.  No time limit, redeemable at con or via telephone conference at an agreed-upon time.  Contact our Auction Director with questions.
  • Fat White Vampire Blues by Andrew Fox.  This is a trade paperback, autographed and hand-illustrated by author.
  • Dune: The Butlerian Jihad by Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson.  This is a hardcover, first edition, signed by both authors.  Also included is a Butlerian Jihad marketing postcard, a chapbook with the as-yet-unpublished-anywhere-else short story "Hunting Harkonnens", AND a promotional poster for Dune: The Machine Crusade, signed by both authors.
Additional donated items as of 10/4/04:
  • Mirror Me by Yvonne Navarro.  This is an Advance Reading copy, autographed.
  • Dating Secrets of the Dead by David Prill.  This is a 2003 hardcover, leatherbound, limited edition from Subterreanan Press, autographed.
  • Hand-stitched crewel fantasy pieces, one Unicorn and one Pegasus, approximately 20"x20", no frames.  Made by Doranna Durgin.
  • Divine Endurance by Gwyneth Jones.  This is a First Edition, UK, 1984, autographed.
  • Siberia by Ann Halam (aka Gwyneth Jones).  This is an Advance Proof copy, publication date in UK is Feb 2005, autographed.
  • Madwand by Roger Zelazny.  This is a limited, slipcased, signed and numbered, #714 of 750, Phantasia Press edition 1981, with art by Rowena.
Additional donated items as of 10/16/04:
  • Win a private session with the author of The Child Goddess and The Glass Harmonica!  Louise Marley will critique, advise, and encourage an author in the path to publication.  This session can be conducted during the World Fantasy weekend, or by correspondence after the convention.  Louise has wide experience in teaching one-on-one and in workshops, and is a Clarion West survivor--er, graduate--and the author of eight science fiction and fantasy novels to date.  Submission can be hardcopy at con or email.  Submission should be typed, double-spaced, max of 35 pages.  This is a one-time review by Ms. Marley.
  • Traveler's By Twilight by Allen Koszowski.  This is an out-of-print art book, illustrations by Allen Koszowski, limited numbered #212 of 350.  Introduction by Brian Lumley, signed by Allen Koszowski and Brian Lumley.
  • Dune: The Machine Crusade by Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson.  This is a hardcover, leatherbound, limited edition, lettered copy: A/26, full-color illustration by Stephen Youll, signed by both authors.
  • New Spring: The Novel by Robert Jordan.  This is a hardcover, leatherbound, limited edition, lettered copy: HH/52, full-color illustration by Darrell K. Sweet, signed by author.
  • Son of the Shadows by Juliet Marillier.  This is a hardcover, first edition, 2001.
  • World Fantasy 2003 large beige/orange tote bag plus a pristine copy of the Program Book and a pocket guide.
  • The Sun Sword by Michelle West.  This is an Advance Reading Copy/Galley, signed by author.
  • Smoke and Shadows by Tanya Huff.  This is an Advance Reading Copy/Galley.
Additional donated items as of 10/23/04:
  • Captain Morgan ball cap, signed & hand-illustrated by the artist, Don Maitz.
  • "Spooky Louie" package: Cat with an Emerald Eye, 1st edition, hardcover. Cat in a Kiwi Con, 1st Edition, hardcover. Something Fishy, trade paperback, limited #21 of 300.  All 3 signed by author, Carole Nelson Douglas.
  • Journey into the Heart, signed manuscript of 6-page, handwritten story by Patricia McKillip. This was written for the program book for WFC 1999.
  • Da Slocklit Light, by Charles deLint, chapbook from Triskell Press, 2003.  This is an unpublished story, only available to friends and family.
  • Hand-crafted, by Jennifer Roberson, decorative mosiac in southwestern colors, "A House without Books is not a Home."
  • Collectible bottle,Vampire Merlot, produced & bottled in Cotesti, east of the Transylvania Aps in Romania.  Autographed by at least 9 authors.
  • The Golden Key, 1st UK hardcover edition, signed by Kate Elliott, Melanie Rawn & Jennifer Roberson
  • The Dragon Circle by Irene Radford. This is an Advance Reading Copy/Galley.
  • Long, Hot Summoning by Tanya Huff.  This is an Advance Reading Copy/Galley.
  • The Magic Shop, edited by Denise Little.  This is an Advance Reading Copy/Galley.
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Autograph Reception
- The Autograph Reception will be held on Friday night from 8:30 pm to 10:30 pm.  Authors should check in in the Palm West Ballroom at 8:00 pm. There will be no need for authors to sign up in advance to give autographs; all members who wish to sign will have a name tag at the reception entrance desk.  No wheeled carts will be allowed in the autographing area.  A limit of three signatures at a time will be enforced when an author has a line. Members will not be limited to the number of times they may go through a line (subject to the availability of the author).  There will be no other programming scheduled during the Autograph Reception.  

Artists Reception
- The Artists Reception will be held on Saturday night from 8 pm to 10 pm.  It will be held at the Art Show with food and beverages in the foyer outside of the Art Show.

World Fantasy Awards Banquet
-  The 2004 World Fantasy Awards Banquet will be held Sunday afternoon starting at 1 pm.   Following the banquet, the room will be opened for the presentation of the World Fantasy Awards.  For more information on the Awards and the Banquet, go to the World Fantasy Awards section.