Westercon 70

LepreCon, Inc. sponsored Westercon 70 in Tempe over the 4th July weekend of 2017.

The chair was Dee Astell and the treasurer was Kevin McAlonan.

Thank you if you attended! I hope you had a wonderful time.

Guests of Honor

Connie Willis was kindly sponsored by the WesternSFA. Tim Griffin was kindly sponsored by the Phoenix Filk Circle. Larry Elmore was kindly sponsored by LepreCon 44. Bjo & John Trimble were kindly sponsored in part by The United Federation of Phoenix.


608 memberships were sold. 568 room nights were booked.

We sent checks for $5,410.71 in passalong funds to each of Westercons 71 and 72. Thank you to Westercons 67, 68 and 69 for passing funds along to us!

Our Charity Auction raised $2,609 for the Challenger Space Center. Thank you all for bidding!

Film Festival Winners

International: Ecate (Grand Jury Award) and The Room (Jury Award)
Feature: Cronus (Grand Jury Award) and Brute Sanity (Jury Award)
Short: Filling In (Grand Jury Award) and Show No Mercy (Jury Award)
Special Selection Award: Reactionary

Masquerade Winners

Best Use of Pointy Objects: Tasha & Chuck Cady
Most Illuminating: Paula Lary
Most Timely: Mahala Sweebe
Best Presentation: Sandy Manning for 'A Touch of Color'
Best Novice: Julie Padegimas for 'Dr. Arson'
Best in Class (Workmanship): Randall Whitlock
Best in Show: Randall Whitlock
Golden Scissors Award: Julie Padegimas for 'Dr. Arson'

Programming Schedules

Check out our Programming Schedule and Gaming Schedule in Konopas.


Program Guide (87 MB)

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Progress Report 1 (570k)
Progress Report 1.5 (139k)
Progress Report 2 (9 MB)

The Jackalopian (Saturday Edition) (196k)
The Jackalopian (Sunday Edition) (289k)
The Jackalopian (Special Edition) (706k)
The Jackalopian (Monday Edition) (225k)
The Jackalopian (Tuesday Edition) (901k)
The Jackalopian (Zip of All 5 editions) (2 MB)

Pocket Program (81k)
Gaming Grid (84k)

Postcard (683k)

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Westercon 71 will be held in Denver, CO from 4th to 8th July, 2018.
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