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Participant Bios
Sylvana Anderson-Gish
Sylvana is an artist and daughter of Special Honored Guest Ray Gish
Dr. Arizona
Dr. Arizona received her doctorate in Archaeology from University of California, Riverside in 2001. Her business, Phoenix Obsidian Designs, provides educational teaching materials related to aspects of primitive technology and ethnobotony as well as assisting in museum display development. She has also pursued award winning artistic endeavors into traditional flintknapping - the art of producing stone tools such as arrowheads. This art has been shown at a multitude of science fiction conventions and has been recognized by her being Artist GOH at LaLaCon 10. Dr. Arizona has also been involved in working conventions for more than ten years and currently chairs an annual Craft Fair at the LASFS.
Mark Banning
Mark has over twenty (20) years of experience in Graphic Design and Layout of packaging, catalog, and advertising materials as well as website design for the publishing and music recording industry. His works include soundtracks from various science fiction television and motion picture series.
Len Berger
Len is a member of the ConNotations staff and worked hard to get free film promotional items for LepreCon XXXII attendees.
Phil is a member of Secundus Surectum, the Phoenix chapter of One World By Night
Phil Bernacke
Billy Bishop
Bill Bishop, an attorney licensed to practice in the State of Arizona, and currently a member of the Velavision team, is also known in Phoenix area fandom for his involvement in playing, running, and writing roleplaying games and working conventions as Program director (CopperCon XXII and LepreCon XXXIV) and Treasurer (LepreCons XXXI and XXXII).
Courtney A. Black
Courtney Black is an aspiring model and actress who made her film debut in The Villikon Chronicles-Mystere and the Disciples of Dido as the Wiccan Huntress, Delicia. She is interested in all aspects of the movie making process and is currently working toward obtaining a degree in costuming. Even her hobbies are geared toward honing her talents as an actress including fencing (foil, epee, and saber) and belly dancing. She also enjoys sewing, painting, and drawing.
Bill Blair
If you've watched Babylon 5 or recent Star Trek, you've more than likely seen Bill. He's been under makeup for most every alien on both series. He's done work on Alien Nation, Babylon 5 (60+ episodes), Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (35+ episodes), Sliders, Star Trek: Voyager, Enterprise, The Division, and Carnivale. Before becoming the Alien Actor, he was part of the bands Climax and The Classics IV in the 1970's and his own group, The Expressions, during the 1980's. In the early 1990's, he ended up in Los Angeles and started acting in TV shows with makeup. He's got lots of stories about his experiences on the sets of all of the shows. If you've got a favorite alien, he's probably got a picture of himself as one.
Toni Blair
Toni Blair has been on over 80 different television programs and about 40 feature films since August 2002 and the count continues! She has appeared on shows ranging from Friends and That 70's Show to The District and Buffy the Vampire Slayer and movies including Along Came Polly and more! Currently she is working on various projects and auditioning. Please watch for the upcoming new HBO Series Big Love: check your listings for airing dates and times. She appears mostly in episodes at the end of the season. She has also written a book of poetry and critical essays--Perpetual Imbroglio.
Mark Boniece
Mark is a member of United Federation of Phoenix and is running the LepreCon XXXII Film Festival.
Greg Brown
Greg Brown was the chair of the first three LepreCons. Since then, obviously a lot of water has passed under his bridge; he spent a few years as a teacher, and far more as a systems analyst. Late in his IT career he decided to try his hand at writing, in particular screenplays. After retiring from his day job, he spent some time at film school, worked on a movie as a script supervisor, and continued to work on scripts. He had a script optioned by a TV studio (although they never picked it up) and he has written several other screenplays that are being shopped around.
Cynthia Bullock
Cynthia is the daughter of Jim & Doreen Webbert, making her a second generation fan.
Mike Cassidy
Mike has been attending conventions since the first one he attended at the Del Webb tower in the middle of Phoenix in 1976. He is a former Marine ( OORAH !!!) who rebuilds carburetors blindfolded, builds computers with out using instruction manuals and makes scale models with such excruciating detail that most people cry out "You MUST be CRAZY!". Mike currently spends most of his days maintaining and repairing equipment that tests little pieces of silicon impregnated with various kinds of metal oxides for a major multinational company. He has been seen recently at the Velavision corporate office at "The Big Building Plaza" in Dyptheria, AZ in high level talks with the Velavision board of directors.
Alan M. Clark
Alan M. Clark has been an illustrator since 1985 and started his publishing company in 1989. He has done illustrations in a countless number of publications. His most recent publication is The Paint In My Blood, Illustration and Fine Art By Alan M. Clark. He is LepreCon XXXII’s Artist Guest of Honor.
Sarah Clemens
Sarah is a professional artist who paints SF related works for her own pleasure. Her Alien Lawsuits series was featured at WorldCon in Los Angeles, MagicCon in Orlando has honored her with a Best Artist Award, LepreCon 31 named her Local Artist Guest of Honor, and she is slated to be Artist Guest of Honor for CopperCon 26.
Liz Danforth
Liz never expected to make her living from her artistic talents: it was just something she did, like everyone else in her family. After being introduced to fantasy role-playing games in 1976 (Tunnels & Trolls), she learned people were eager for every new sketch of fantastical imagery she created: mythic, heroic, horrific, otherworldly, or downright comedic. Eventually she took a position as art director for Flying Buffalo Inc, publisher of Tunnels&Trolls and other products, where she remained as head of the Blade Productions division for seven years. In 1985, she took her career freelance, mostly doing art but also editing, computer game scripting, and fiction writing. Her work appears in products from numerous companies, notably Wizards of the Coast, Iron Crown Enterprises, FASA, TSR, Daedalus, Interplay, and many others.
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