ŠLeprecon, Inc. 2006
Participant Bios
Casey Moore
Casey Moore is the director, co-editor, and co-producer of "Finding The Future: A Science Fiction Conversation". Besides his work on Finding the Future, he is also a fiction writer, a photographer, and a composer of electronic music: including several pieces featured in Finding the Future. He is a proud member of Velavision (which he believes will someday rule the world).
Janeen O'Kerry
Growing up in the military, she lived in many places -- California, Germany, Washington D.C., Texas, and Ohio. And like many writers, she has held a number of different jobs -- everything from computer programmer to horseback riding instructor. Her writing career began in 1984 when she sold the first of over 100 non-fiction articles written for the national and regional horse magazines. A few years later, she and a friend decided to try their hand at novels. They wrote three and sold the third one, APRIL'S CHRISTMAS , to Avalon Books in 1994. Her own first novel was LADY OF FIRE , a time-travel romance published by Leisure Books in 1996. She has always had a great interest in Ireland, history, horses, and fantasy, and truly enjoys combining all these things in her novels. Janeen's Celtic Journey's series has been well received, and translated into other languages for European readers. Janeen O'Kerry's books are all published by Leisure Books (Dorchester Publishing). Her credits include SISTER OF THE MOON and SPIRIT OF THE MIST. Look for them in the Romance genre in spite of their time travel/magic elements.
Diana L. Paxson
Diana L. Paxson has been writing since 1978 and has published 27 novels and 76 short stories. Her most recents works are in The Westria series The Golden Hills of Westria and the Avalon series, Ancestors of Avalon. Her interests are in exploring the magical potential of real-world places, such as the southwest.
Carole I. Parker
Entering fandom in 1982, Carole became active quickly in filking and costuming. As a costumer, she started by being a den mom about a year after entering fandom and being a "warm body" for a WesterCon masquerade. Hall costuming followed for several years, with her first WorldCon masquerade at TorCon III where Redwood Fairy won a workmanship award for dye work. Carole discovered that fabric painting and dyeing allowed her to achieve effects that could be seen from a distance. It is also her fault that her husband, Bill Laubenheimer, filks.
Webb Pickersgill
Webb Pickersgill is an aspiring independent film maker and special event videographer who has been around film, video and music his whole life. His grandfather was an executive producer and cinematographer, his father an editor and post production supervisor, and Webb absorbed this love for the arts by graduating from the University of Delaware with a degree in Music Education, concentration Double Bass.. Webb has talent and experience making independent films with little-to-no budget and enjoys sharing his experiences, techniques, and stories with others. Webb owns his own production company, Bassline Digital LLC, and his current projects include the Villikon Chronicles short film, 2 Star Wars fan films, an instructional video about babywearing, and various special interest videos.
Stanley Robinson
Stanley Robinson has over eighteen years in media production. He has a number of tv, written works, and film shorts in the works. Additionally he is quite experienced in system graphic software. He is co-founder and a past president of the Black Filmmakers Association of Central Florida. He now works with the folks at Caribou Moving Pictures.
Annette Sexton-Ruiz
Annette recieved her Bachelor's of Art from Arizona State University, distinction in Art History, Pre-Columbian and Mexican emphasis. Additional studies were in graphic arts from the University of Illinois at Chicago and the Art Education Master's program from Arizona State University. Annette lived in Mexico City in the late 80's as well as several visits to Puerto Rico and Ireland later. Her exposures to Latin American and Irish cultures as well as a strong Catholic background have been influences in her work. She uses bold, energetic colors, similar to those seen in various ancient art. She is also fascinated with devotional images, religious iconography and ceremonial rituals of different cultures. In sharing with children, Annette tries to introduce other societies importance through learning about their art. They not only learn how to make art but also study art's historical purpose and cultural beliefs associated with it.
Samira writes speculative fiction short stories and poetry, designs speculative fiction digital art and web layouts, and is an experienced belly dancer.
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Ken St. Andre
Ken St. Andre is a well-known writer and publisher of games and game-related short stories who helped organize the first LepreCon 32 years ago and has made at least a token appearance every year since. He was once foolish enough to chair LepreCon IX whose motto was "bodges-we don't need no stinking bodges!" Con members wore buttons. A writer and publisher of gaming material since 1973, he has also partaken of articles, essays, book reviews, et cetera, but only socially. He is an active member of the Academy of Gaming Critics and SFWA, largely on the strength of his game design work for Tunnels and Trolls, Stormbringer, Monsters! Monsters!, Starfaring, and Wasteland the computer game. He has sold several short stories-find them if you can.
Adam Niswander
Adam Niswander is a science fiction (SF), fantasy, horror, young adult, and mystery & thriller writer from Phoenix, Arizona. He is the author of: the Shaman Cycle novels - The Charm, The Serpent Slayers, and The Hound Hunters - (Published by Integra Press ; Frank Wagner, Publisher,) as well as The Sand Dwellers, (Published by Fedogan and Bremer, Philip Rahman, Publisher) and The Repository, (Published by Meisha Merlin Publishing, Stephen Pagel, Publisher.) Other hats he has worn include those of book dealer (Adam's Bookstore on ABE.com), former president (14 terms) of The Central Arizona Speculative Fiction Society (CASFS), CASFS Board, frequent guest at science fiction conventions and member of both SFWA and HWA.
Ray Poulsen
A life long fan of sci-fi (including reading books and watching movies and tv shows), Ray Poulsen is president of the Mars Society of Arizona State University. His current project is a scipt for A Princess of Mars to submit to Paramount Studios.
Amy Schulz
Amy Schulz does works of art by engraving and sandblasting on glass, rock, and metal. She has been a artist regular at local shows for the last eight years. Her first love is still making dragons and fairies.
Michael Stackpole
Michael A. Stackpole started his career as a role-playing and computer game designer before he turned to writing, which gave him a strong grounding in how to appeal most readily to fans. He currently lives in Arizona, where is at work on the final book of his exciting Age of Discovery trilogy.
Jim Strait
Jim is a member of United Federation of Phoenix and is a former LepreCon webmaster.