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Participant Bios
John Vornholt
After spending 20 years as a freelance writer (writing mostly non-fiction), John Vornholt turned to book publishing in 1989. Since 1989, he has written and sold more than 50 books, for both adults and children. It would be difficult to find a kind of writing John has not done professionally. He started submitting science fiction stories to magazines when he was about thirteen years old. Theatrical rights for his fantasy novel, The Fabulist, have been sold to two young composers in New York, and they're in the process of adapting it as a Broadway musical. He is the LepreCon XXXII Author Guest of Honor and currently lives with his wife and two children in Tucson, Arizona.
Ronald L. Walker
Ron Walker Productions is an award winning sole proprietorship, owned and operated by Ron Walker. Established in 1974, Ron Walker Productions provides production services, from as simple as sound recordings, to full and complete film and video production, from script to final distribution format. It has provided such complete services for such clients as Ramada Inns, Club Med, and Interlink/Visa to name a few. Producing the full gamut from commercials, through industrials, to entertainment, Ron Walker Productions has won awards from such prestigious organizations as the Smithsonian Institution, an Emmy, several Addys, and was a Cleo finalist. Ron Walker Productions not only continues to produce custom films and videos for specialized objectives, he also has taught the nuts and bolts of film making at Scottsdale Community College and now teaches at Arizona State University.
Jim Webbert
Jim & Doreen Webbert are members of 2nd Fandom. Jim started with WorldCon 8 in Portland Oregon. He was a reserve police man with the Seattle PD, spent 33 years in the Army Reserves (taught nuclear, biological, & chemical warfare), and was a chemist in real life. He is a gun and weapons specialis, shoots in competitions, loves model rockets & HO trains, and has almost as many books as a small library. Then there is the SF/F Art collection that got it's start around 1959, it could fill an art show .Jim as been the Art auctioneer for most of the LepreCons. He will do his best to squeeze every last cent out of the bidders. He has been at all but one or two LepreCons starting with the first. He has also auctioned at Copper Con, World Horror Con, Fantasy Con and several of the charity auctions at various conventions. Doreen & Jim were both on the committee for the Seattle World Con in 1961 and have been honored as Fan GoHs at KublaKhan 10 & 20 in Nashville, TusCon 15, Copper Con 9, and Con/Fusion 1 in San Diego.
Doreen Webbert
Jim & Doreen Webbert are members of 2nd Fandom. Doreen got into fandom via the Apa route. She joined SAPS in 1959 and attended her 1st con at the WesterCon held in Bosie, ID. Doreen & Jim were Official Editors of Spectator Amateur Press Society for 6 years, and members for over 15 years. She had done programing for both LepreCon & Copper Con many times, and for NASFIC and Westercon. She was Co-Chair for the `93 Phoenix World Con bid, Co-Chair for the World Horror Convention in `94, and `98 , Vice Chair in 2004, and has done various other convention related work. She is the Asst. Supervisor for the Mineral & Jewelry Dept. for the AZ State Fair. And works as a volunteer at the Mineral Museum one day a week. And has many hobbies, jewelry making & design, knitting, crocheting, and sometimes painting. Doreen & Jim were both on the committee for the Seattle World Con in 1961 and have been honored as Fan GoHs at KublaKhan 10 & 20 in Nashville, TusCon 15, Copper Con 9, and Con/Fusion 1 in San Diego.
Randall Whitlock
Randall Whitlock is a registered geologist, and has worked mainly in meteoritics, education, and environmental assessment. He is also a semi-professional costumer and pattern designer. As an author, Randall has written articles on science, costume, and humor.
Mike Willmoth
Mike enjoys helping organize and run conventions. His hobbies include amateur astronomy and ham radio operation. Punster extraordinaire, he can cripple at 20 paces
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Nola Yergen-Jennings
Nola Yergen-Jennings has been designing costumes for 20+ years. She has worked 8 years designing for and teaching at Grand Canyon University’s Ethington Theater, designing over 35 theatrical shows. Her design awards include two “AriZoni” Awards, many Zoni nominations as well as individual awards for specific costumes. Her specialties range from Historical Costuming to Fantasy Costumes. She has studied historical fashions and their construction. Her emphasis is on Elizabethan Costuming although her historical experience extends from ancient Middle Eastern costumes to Victorian and Edwardian Era styles. She also makes shoes, hats, and other accessories that help to complete any costume. She is currently about to continue her education as she begins to study for a master's degree at California State University at Long Beach. In addition to her professional credits, Nola is a costuming Laurel in the SCA.
Michelle M. Welch
Her first novel, Confidence Game, was published in October 2003. The project grew out of almost fifteen years of work, and it is the fifth novel manuscript she wrote. The Bright and the Dark is forthcoming from Bantam Spectra in August 2004. Prior to writing novels, she wrote short stories in a magical-realism style. She also has a background in music and has played various instruments with several musical groups.
Dave Williams
Dr. David A. Williams is a Faculty Research Associate in the Department of Geological Sciences at Arizona State University. He served as a Visiting Assistant Professor at ASU in 2001-2002, in which he cotaught Physical Geology and a graduate seminar in Planetary Volcanology. David is currently perfoming research in volcanology and planetary geology, with a focus on planetary mapping, geochemical, and remote sensing studies. He was involved with NASA's Magellan Mission to Venus and Galileo Mission to Jupiter. Dr. Williams is currently serving as an Associate Investigator on the European Space Agency's Mars Express mission, which has been mapping Mars for two years with its High Resolution Stereo Camera and now has started its Extended Mission. He is also involved in education/public outreach activities including giving talks to school and civic groups and developing educational materials.
John Wheeler
John is a member of both TARDIS and United Federation of Phoenix, and is best known locally for his face and body painting.