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Participant Bios
Scott P. Sullivan
After serving a tour in the United States Marine Corps from 1981 to 1984, Scott decided to pursue an education in the field of engineering. In 1986 Scott P. Sullivan received his Associates Degree in Computer Aided Design and mechanical drafting from ITT Technical Institute in Phoenix. He worked for various companies such as McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Company, Intel, and Honeywell as a technical illustrator, drafter, and mechanical designer. In 1993 Scott wrote and illustrated a nationally distributed comic book entitled The Bad Penny. He created the comic book art using a CAD program designed for architectural drafting called AutoCAD. Scott was also running his own business creating patent drawings for various companies and law firms, creating all of Rayovac's patent art for a two-year period. Scott moved to product design in the engineering consulting industry, where one of the high points was getting to go to Warner Brothers studios and set up several sets of futuristic looking office furniture his company had designed that was to be used on one of the key sets of the motion picture A.I. directed by Steven Spielberg. Scott had had a fascination with America’s manned spacecraft program from the time he was a child watching the live launches from his parent’s home in Phoenix Arizona. Scott was particularly interested in the mechanics of the spacecraft and no matter how many documentaries he watched or books he read, he was always left with countless unanswered questions. Scott started his own research project to learn as much as he possibly could about these amazing machines that took man to the stars. Part of Scott’s project would entail reverse engineering the entire Apollo Command and Service Modules as a way to intimately learn every aspect of the spacecraft from a virtual perspective. The project quickly took on a life of its own and what evolved from it was the book Virtual Apollo. Having finished Virtual Apollo in February of 2003, the natural progression was of course the Lunar Module which soon followed as Virtual LM in October of 2004. Scott is currently working on a new series of books that will showcase spacecraft from classic science fiction movies in the same format as Virtual Apollo did the real thing. Scott also has plans for a Virtual Mercury and Gemini book, as well as Virtual Saturn V. He is currently employed as a senior mechanical designer for a consumer electronics company in Tempe Arizona.
David Lee Summers
David Lee Summers is author of the novel Vampires of the Scarlet Order and the “Old Star” science fiction trilogy. He’s also the author of numerous science fiction, fantasy and horror short stories and poems that have appeared in such places as Realms of Fantasy and The Santa Clara Review. David also edits the science fiction and fantasy magazine, Tales of the Talisman, serves as a book editor for LBF Books, and a consulting editor for El Paso Community College’s literary magazine, Chrysalis. In addition to his work with the written word, he is also an astronomer who has discovered variable stars and worked in the field of robotic telescopes.
Gary L. Swaty
Gary is the Filk Director for LepreCons and CopperCons. He is a member of Space Studies Institute, Planetary Society, CASFS, LepreCon Inc, and Phoenix Filk Circle.
Chris Swanson
Chris Swanson is a long time fan of movies with an emphasis on sci-fi and fantasy. Chris is a promising writer with a number of works yet to be published.
Paul Donald Peter Tanton
Paul Donald Peter Tanton is a Candian-American who has resided in the metropolitan Phoenix area since the summer Return of the Jedi was first released in theatres. He keeps active in local fan circles by attending local movie premieres, local conventions, and being an active member of the local gaming community. Paul is now busy trying to improve local conventions from the inside including his work as Program Director for LepreCons 31 & 32.
Kit Townsend
Kit Townsend is a 1987 graduate of Clarion West Writer's Workshop. She was co-founder of a writer's group for semi-professional writers and a founding member of eWorld's Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Forum. Formerly a regular RPG player, she still spends a lot of time creating new characters, worlds, and adventures, although these creations go into fiction now days. Costuming is another creative outlet for her, with costumes ranging from no-sew designs to historical to equestrian costumes for mounted parade groups. In the real world, she worked for thirteen years as the SF/F/H buyer for Books, Etc., an independently owned general bookstore in Tempe. She now is the chief "computer fixer-upper" and library assistant at McClintock High School in Tempe. She also professionally breeds Appaloosa sporthorses, and trains everything from sucklings to adult horses in a variety of disciplines, but mostly concentrates on hunter and dressage. She has three dogs (but fosters one out), two cats and is responsible for almost two dozen horses (most of which are for sale) on a ranch near Gila Bend, AZ.
Larry Vela
Larry Vela is a custom painter first known for his work on motorcycles, planes, trucks, then people, and anything that doesn't run away. His keen interest in movie production and all of the arts that are connected with it - such as creation of costumes and props, filming, directing, editing and animation, have led Larry and his associates to form The Velavision Video Group, who produce LepreCon's at-con video newsreels. Larry's notable flat art works include Illusion, Casseiopia, Roadwarrior, and Athena. On top of it all, he was chair for LepreCon XXXI and is co-chair for LepreCon XXXII
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Julie K. Verley
Arizona abstract artist Julie Kay Verley works a variety of mediums, including acrylic, colored pencil and digital. She works primarily in abstract, primitive forms, but also enjoys working in computer-generated art as well as in a loose, anime-inspired style. Ms. Verley has been creating various forms of art since 1986. Her Leprecon 32 gallery features her digital art as well as an example of collaboration with her brother, digital artist Rob Allen Beckwith. As award Winning Arizona Science Fiction author Tabitha Bradley (also writing as romance author Julia Kaye), Ms. Verley has been writing science fiction, fantasy and erotica for over ten years. Ms. Verley has written for Renaissance E-Books and eXtasy Books. She is Wiccan and has been practicing since 1992. Her non-fiction work will be appearing in Llewellyn's 2008 magickal annuals. She is best known for her Dirandan Chronicles stories. Included in these is the Dream Realm Award winning short story collection "Diranda: Tales from the Fifth Quadrant" and the EPPIE nominated Science Fiction novel, "Peacekeeper" . She lives in Northwestern Arizona with her husband and two children. Her website Diranda Studios, can be reached at: www.diranda.com.
Evo Terra
Evo Terra produces and directs the activity of several successful online properties including the Dragon Page, which he co-hosts. Evo has been involved in writing and in audio production since 1987. He is also a practicing and active herbalist, a perpetually starving musician, as well as both father and husband.
Sheila Unwin
Sheila Unwin is co-host of the Dragon Page With Class. She is the author of The Teacher's Guide to Dragon's Fire Wizard's Flame. She reads horror, science fiction, and fantasy young adult books (to discuss education ideas for parents and teachers alike).
Scott Virtes is a filmmaker, writer, poet, editor, and game designer. He has had a whopping 300+ stories and poems published since 1986. Director, producer, editor, and script supervisor for the Actors' Playground of San Diego, Scott always seems to add an interesting dimension to the panels in which he participates.
Scott Virtes
Tithe of Souls Storyteller
Tithe of Souls Narrator
Tithe of Souls is a local chapter of the Camarilla, the officially sanctioned White Wolf international roleplaying organization and fan club.